White Paper Reports

  • Southern California Broadcasters Association Releases New White Paper Report entitled “Automotive Overview for 2019”

    The Southern California Broadcasters Association (SCBA) has released its latest White Paper Report entitled “Automotive Overview for 2019” via its web site at scba.com. The SCBA White Paper Report is an in-depth analysis of a particular industry or topic that is directly relevant for its Broadcast Radio members and the industry. “Automotive Overview for 2019” factually describes the disruptive forces facing the automotive industry in the United States today and in the future. Additionally, the report challenges the auto industry's focus on non-Radio digital platforms by making a compelling case for Broadcast Radio and the influence Radio advertising has on today's auto buyers.

  • SCBA Publishes New White Paper on e-commerce

    With this new SCBA White Paper: A Primer on Ecommerce Platforms, the SCBA launches a new initiative to help our members gain a better understanding of various digital and Ecommerce platforms. By learning about the opportunities and challenges in this fast changing retail and digital environment, we can all assist and advise our clients from a true and trusted consultative role.

    Radio's place in Ecommerce is vital to a successful digital strategy as the attached document will reveal. Being a part of the conversation and offering real value using Radio as the solution, makes all of us true partners in our clients' success.

    We hope all members find this SCBA White Paper useful as we meet together at the corner of Radio and Digital.

  • Consumer Response and Listening Satisfaction of Broadcast Radio vs. Pandora Internet Music Service

    The effective commercial environment and growth in total Broadcast Radio listenership in Southern California continues to be the workhorse for most media planning and client advertising. However, the marketing flash and aggressive press coverage provided to the Pandora Internet music service has given the pureplay the critical hype and awareness that all start-ups desperately need to become relevant to its core audience and advertisers.

  • Consumer Response to Broadcast Radio Commercials vs. Digital and Social Media

    We understand the pressure advertisers, account teams, brand managers, planning groups, and other interested parties are under to find the next “new thing” that will extend their brand, build a loyal following, and win market share. In the collective rush to “go digital”, advertisers may be neglecting the principle reason they are advertising in the first place; to have their message be heard, noticed, and influence purchase or at the very least, consideration.

  • Traditional Appointment Television's Technology and Viewership Crisis

    The SCBA White Paper Research Report reveals the steady decline over the past six year period for Southern California TV viewership among all local, general market TV newscasts as well as the critical early fringe time slot leading into TV's prime time programming. The report's findings further highlight the 39% growth increase in DVR usage and ownership of LA DMA households over the same six year period. DVR usage/ownership is now at 49% of all Los Angeles DMA households. Radio remains the only real time medium with no tape delay or commercial skipping.