Automotive Research

“The Real Value of Southern California Radio to the Auto Industry”

is a joint project of the SCBA and Nielsen Audio and reveals new information about today's vehicle buyers that provides direct attribution between Radio advertising and vehicle purchase and key attributes consumers want from dealers. Consumer perceptions of auto Radio ads, effective Radio creative, Radio's role in driving web searches, “auto intenders” and what they are listening for, as well as recall and active consideration of dealer ads. The research was conducted from in-depth interviews with 900 Southern California consumers.“It is widely predicted that 2019 will be a challenging year for the auto industry and auto clients are facing significant headwinds for their business,” said Thom Callahan, SCBA President. The need to reallocate more ad budgets to Broadcast Radio will become apparent after viewing and understanding this auto consumer research study.”This is the second exclusive and comprehensive research project focused on the auto consumer and Broadcast Radio between the SCBA and Nielsen Audio. Both studies interviewed actual auto consumers in Southern California. The previous study, “The Local Path to Automotive Purchase” provided direct comparisons of various media and consumer preferences when vehicle shopping. The study also compared Broadcast Radio's desirable audience composition of highly employed, larger income, and average age which matches today's automotive shopper.

Auto Path To Purchase

The SCBA and Nielsen Audio has partnered to create a compelling new research study on actual automotive customers in Southern California and what drives them to purchase. With capacity crowds attending in both Los Angeles on June 7 and San Diego on June 8, the events were very successful. Universal response from automotive clients, agencies, and our members has been overwhelming. The study, which is entitled, ”The Local Path to Automotive Purchase” is now available for both markets. (see links) We also have a larger strategy for this study which we will outline shortly.

This ground breaking event was also recorded and a complete video of the day in Los Angeles will be posted shortly. More to come on this exciting study and the enhanced value of AM/FM Radio in Southern California.